Brief about Blake Golding

It is facts that people make their name with lot of hard that they do in their life and same is with the popular person that is Blake Golding. He is the man that loves to work and today is chairman of AGF management limited. Not only the chairman but he is also CEO of AGF. He was announces as the chairman in 1997 and in the year of 2000 he became CEO and at last in the year of 2006 he became the chairman. This is the company that has the name that is known all over the globe for premier independent investment Management Company. He is very good person with lot of talent and experience.

He joined the board of directors during the time of 2010 of Sunnybrook health science center. Later he became the vice chairman in 2014. His hard work and experienced gave him more. In the year of 2015, he was appointed as a chairman of the board of directors. Not only is this but he also the member of quality committee of the board and nominating committee. He is very good person that also works for charity in Canada. Other than Sunnybrook Blake also works for the Canadian film center, C.D. Howe institute, Toronto Symphony Orchestra and is very much member of  the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the World Presidents’ Organization (WPO).

This is the person that has built himself and there is no doubt that the way he does the work is appreciated by everyone. He is also the leadership council member of the Toronto financial services. In his past years he was the Vice chairman and director of the investment funds institute of Canada. Today he is the member of IFCI Ad Hoc strategic research committee. On the internet you have its own site where if you like to chat or like to have the appointment with Blake then it is very much possible. There is few timing that is available that he is online. In that you can have the answer to your question.