Clash royale written by: tarangs20

Neko Atsume is a very popular kitty collector mobile game by Japanese developer Hit- Point. You put food in your backyards along with some toys in order to attract cats, entertain them, take photos and when they leave they reward you with fish which can be spent on buying more enhancements for the play area without dealing with them physically.

Sometimes it’s quite challenging to encourage cats to be in your garden because they will only appear if you have food and other things that will interest them. Here are some tricks to simplify the game.


  • Most rare cats are easier to lure by expensive cat food starting with high quality cat crisp food to sashimi as some cats expects and wants finer things in life. It is also helpful if you use Clash Royale Cheats.
  • Try to change your phones date and time settings to feed the cats at night so that it is possible to keep the bowls and plates filled up overnight. That means you will have fresh food lying out, change the time back to what it should be and enjoy some sleep and when you wake up in the morning you’ll have earned more fish and don’t need to be greeted by the tragic sight of a garden devoid of cats.
  • Try to buy the yard expansion before anything else because doubling the space means you will be able to attract twice the number of cats and earn more fish.
  • Decorate and arrange the furniture in a creative way such that makes the cats stay and enjoy.
  • Fill the food quickly after Tubbs visit. Tubbs is one of the rare cats that you’ll encounter early in the game and he’s a big spender because when he comes to visit he eats all of the food in one go. No food means other cats will not come.

Hope you enjoy the game.