Starting An Event Planning Business

Event planning is becoming a rather lucrative business as many individuals do not have the time or the energy to organize a party on their own. These parties can vary in the size and capacity of it. From birthday parties to corporate gatherings, event planners will handle and take care of all aspects of the party, according to your preferences and liking. This business is rather easy and quick to start and does not require large investments to be made, and on the other hand provide the planner with huge profits. Given below are a few things that need to be looked into, when starting up the business.

Legal aspects

As it is a requirement for all businesses to first and foremost register the company name, and obtain the required licenses to start work in the given area.  Working on your and running around to complete a task will be difficult, therefore getting a few employees to work for you can be ideal but there are some legal, Compensation insurances that needs to be taken on behalf of the employees. Since event planning requires you or your staff to set up physical things, it is also important to have a liability insurance set up as well.


A career in event planning requires you to have many contacts, and to know people who will provide you with certain services for discounted rates, in order for you to have an end result of maximizing profits. Reception hall managers, caterers, and wedding photographers would be great people to partner up with if you are planning on staying in the business in the long run. As you continue to give business to these individuals, the higher their discounts are going to be.



During the initial stages, it is necessary for you to do things mainly on your own without having a number of employees working for you in the beginning. Having an assistant or an accountant to take care of the financial aspect of things will be more than enough during the start. It will be beneficial to you if you outsource all the work to other people. For instance, you do not need to have in house wedding photographers;rather it can be given to someone else, who will most definitely do it for a lower price.See this post if you are looking for right wedding photographers.


Though starting up an event planning company may not require a large amount of money, it is of utmost importance that you have enough money in your hand to be able to pay at least three months worth of overheads, and extra cash to pay for the very first event as well.

Starting an event planning business from scratch can be a daunting task, but if you have the above-mentioned points looked into, you would not have a problem.