Making Resolution to Build Lean Muscle and Lose Fat

Every year people make resolutions and most of these resolutions are related to weight loss. They make a resolution to start working out and to achieve other fitness -related goals like they want to wear the same old jeans which they were wearing 10 years back. Most of the weight loss resolutions are not fulfilled and within a couple of months, people forget about it. One reason is that nowadays people are too busy to invest time in exercising. They cannot spare one hour from their busy schedule and there are many people which don’t want to come out of their comfort zone.

As a matter of fact, this comfort zone is bringing health-related issues and making them obese.

Cropped view of a muscular man doing arm curls with a dumbbell. Horizontal shot.

Resistance Training

This is a fantastic way to start with even if you have never lifted weights. Don’t get afraid because weight training is not difficult as people think. If you are shy or hesitant to hold weights, then you can purchase resistant bands or lightweight dumbbells to start with. As you progress you can purchase heavy resistance training equipment. When you work your muscles become stronger. While doing resistance training make sure to do multiple muscle groups exercises. There are many to start with and get benefit from. You can opt for resistance bands, kettle bells and dumbbells also. before and after pictures will let you see your body’s transformation.

Cardiovascular Exercise

A couple of years back people believed that cardiovascular exercises are good for fat loss, but now there is a myth which is circulating and that is cardiovascular exercises are not necessary. People who think and believe that the fat loss can be achieved by weight training and cardio exercises will destroy their muscles, then I must say they are moving on the wrong path. Every exercise has its own effects on the body and it is imperative on your part to make it sure to do them in moderation. You are supposed to do these exercises in the proper way and when required. If you do cardio exercises more than 30 minutes every day, then it can bring negative effects on your muscle definition. Cardio exercises are an essential part of fat loss and muscle gain routine. This will bring your body into shape and burn excess amount of calories.


Yes, you are right I am talking about taking the right food. What you eat is really important and plays a significant role in the accomplishment of your targets. You can take before and after pictures to know how much your body has transformed? You can also take the help of online calculators to find out how many calories do you require in a day? Other than keeping a check on your calorie intake, make sure to consume nutrients rich diet and avoid consuming sugary items and processed foods. Junk foods like pizza and burger may be tasty and satisfy your taste buds, but they definitely are not the right food when you are striving to stick to your resolution.