The Kinds Of Cat Toys Are Available showed up here

Cat Toys are one category of pet supplies. There are many different types of toys on the market, and most of them fall into one of several toy types. We will examine several of the types of toys that are available for cats, and see which toys are suitable for your pet.

Scratching Posts

These Cat Toys may range from a simple post covered with carpet, to complete cat condos with several stories and rooms that allow the animal ample space to run and play with the toy. Scratching posts serve an important role in your cat beside play. They allow the cat the freedom to scratch at the material repeatedly, saving your furniture and allowing a natural outlet for your pet.

Catnip toys

These toys come in all shapes and sizes. The main attraction of the toy is the fact that there is catnip inside of it. The cat will chase the toy, and try to retrieve the catnip from it. This play can last for extended periods of time because the catnip cannot be removed from the cat. Catnip is a natural attractant to cats, and it is entirely safe. Even if the cat managed to get the catnip out of the toy by breaking it, the worst that could happen is that your animal gets a little more frisky and energetic.


Interactive toys

These toys operate on the principle that the toy plays back with the cat. There are a wide variety of shapes and kinds of interactive toys for cats. One of these is a ball that has an LED display that lights up when the cat plays with the ball. A simple laser pointer becomes an interactive toy when the cat chases the laser light beam across the floors and walls. There are also toys that hang over a door and are springy, so that when a cat jumps to grab the toy, it springs up away from the animal and then back down.


With such a wide variety of toys available for your cat, boredom should not be a word that your animal knows. Toys are excellent for cats because a play is how they learn and interact. By providing toys for your pet, you are ensuring that your animal has everything it needs to get all the mental and physical stimulation required to stay healthy.