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The Internet is one of the admirable creations of mankind, as it brings collectively millions and millions of inhabitants from around the world and facilitates a common platform to do an endless variety of activities. The ability to find and share information, interact with each other through social networks and play games together are just a few of the activities many internet users enjoy regularly. Due to the advent of internet, a long-time amusement medium needed to change its ways to simply survive and continue to exist. 977 Music technology is established radio play, which had to transform itself into ‘the radio on the internet’ so it wouldn’t fall behind the rapidly changing digital world.

Radio on the Internet, was first launched in the earlier part of the 1990s but it didn’t find many avid listeners in the beginning. The few pioneer online radios had to adjust the regular system they had in place significantly in order to carve out their audience. This forced radio stations to present their audience with anything they wanted, no matter how divergent it was to traditional radio principles.

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The basic difference between traditional radio stations and internet radio stations is the fact that the latter can be heard from any personal computer around the world. This simply means that if you are out of your country or even continent you can still catch up the online radio shows being broadcast from radio stations in your mother country thousands of miles away. Such a feat is not possible with the traditional technology and that’s where online radio stations hold a distinct advantage.

The Internet was initially devoted strictly for educational and communication purposes but as soon as its popularity soared, the Congress was left with no choice but to accept its usage for commercial motives too. 977 Music is free hence you can enjoy streaming your favorite radio stations without worrying about subscription.